'Contemporary Tiaras' at the Royal Treasure Museum

On display, until the 30th of June, is the exhibition 'Contemporary Tiaras' at the Royal Treasure Museum in Lisbon. One of two exhibitions of the 2nd edition of the Lisbon's Contemporary Jewellery International Bienalle, titled 'Marugada'[Dawn] and is part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal. Joana Vasconcelos and 40 other artists, were summoned to create contemporary tiaras establishing a dialogue with the Royal Treasure Museum's jewllery collection. Curated by Catarina Silva, former Ar.co students and other artists re-enact the school's jewellery department exhibition 40th anniversary.

15 hundred visitors are expected at the Bienalle wich will hold more than 25 events, such as presentations, school meetings, jewellery rooms, masterclasses and artist talks throughout the city, as well as at MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion, Ar.Co - Centre for Art and Visual Communication, the Museum of Decorative Arts - FRESS, and other venues such as Galeria Zé dos Bois, Atelier Tereza Seabra and Galeria Reverso.

" Our vision is to link the core theme of each Biennale with current events, converging art with the current times. Celebrating 50 years of democracy in Portugal, we want to have a closer look and understand artistic jewellery and its relationship with power and politics. We will certainly be talking about many men during the events marking the Carnation Revolution, from the Captains of April to the politicians who led the regime, but with these exhibitions and the Prize, we want to highlight the role of women who have taken part in building democracy, sacrificing their personal, family or professional lives."
Marta Costa Reis, Head of PIN
'Contemporary Tiaras' at the Royal Treasure Museum'Contemporary Tiaras' at the Royal Treasure Museum
© Luis Martins e Pedro Tropa
'Contemporary Tiaras' at the Royal Treasure Museum'Contemporary Tiaras' at the Royal Treasure Museum
© Atelier Joana Vasconcelos