French philosopher, sociologist and university professor, Gilles Lipovetsky is one of the world's leading references on thought concerning contemporary society’s post-modern transformations. A self-confessed admirer of the Portuguese visual artist, Lipovetsky wrote with Jean Serroy «Joana Vasconcelos or Art’s Re-enchantment», which has just been published by Almedina publishers. Available in Portuguese edition at the bookshops and online.

Joana Vasconcelos' work stands out all the more clearly as it appears as attractive, scintillating, poetic, non-hermetic, non-elitist. Although it meets all the criteria of contemporary art, although it occupies an eminent place in the globalized art market, although it figures among the largest collections and attracts the interest of all the great patrons, it stands out for its uniqueness. A singularity that is not egocentric subjectivity, but that is linked to the way in which her works establish the connection between the novelty and beauty of handcrafted work, the femininity of art, Portuguese culture and contemporary creativity.
Gilles Lipovetsky & Jean Serroy